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Influencer on Demand is an influencer marketplace platform that allows businesses to connect with influencers to promote their products.
Yes, it is a free platform for businesses and influencers to join. When a business wants an influencer to promote their products or service, they will then need to pay the influencer an agreed upon amount.
We take a small 10% fee of the each transaction.
Good question. Even though a business can search for influencers for free, they won’t be able to start a conversation unless they create an account. By creating an account a business agrees on using our platform to hire influencers. Influencers also agree, by creating an account, to use our platform when doing work for the businesses that Influencer on Demand refers. Another reason to use Influencer on Demand is because of the secure transaction. By using our platform, you will make sure that Influencers deliver what they promise. Businesses can leave a verified review. This forces influencers to deliver the best quality service possible.
Our platform targets two groups. First, any person who has a social media following can come and create a profile to sell their services. Our second group includes any businesses or individuals who have a high quality product to sell. Businesses come to Influencer on Demand to find an influencer and pay them to promote their products.
For now we are open registrations for influencers inside of United States. Any business anywhere can register.
Right now we are at the beginning stage of our company and we want to have control of who we work with.
We are considering international influencers in the future. If you are an influencer outside USA, you can join the waiting list here.
It is very simple. A business can create an account and search for influencers. Influencers can create an account and list their services and prices. Businesses can choose from influencers’ different packages and select the best fit for their business.
We did this by design. The whole purpose of multiple packages is so that influencers can have different entry prices. For example a basic package can cost $100 and a premium package can cost $1000. This allow businesses to test the influencer’s audience and if they are satisfied they can upgrade to a more expensive package knowing what to expect.
Influencers cannot promise or guarantee results, nether do we. We can’t promise any revenue or money amount you will make. What an influencer agrees on is the type of product promotion they will perform i.e. number of post they will make, how long that post will stay, if they will do video or picture, etc.
Yes. When a business makes a deposit on our platform, it is only released when the influencer delivers the job.
To cancel any paid subscription please visit the Account Settings page.

Welcome to the Influencer on Demand FAQ page where we have answered many of the most common questions we receive from our users. Take a look and see if your question is answered here, it will save you time before reaching out to support.

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